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KYB Excel-G vs A 200K Genuine OEM Honda Gas Shock Absorber | Why You Should Replace Every 75K Miles

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đang là vấn đề được rất nhiều người quan tâm. với những video excel g kyb
chuyên nghiệp, chi tiết và tỉ mỉ nhất. Hi vọng sau khi xem xong video này thì ai cũng có thể làm được. Hôm nay xin giới thiệu đến các bạn video KYB Excel-G vs A 200K Genuine OEM Honda Gas Shock Absorber | Why You Should Replace Every 75K Miles . Cùng theo dõi ngay ở video bên dưới nhé:

This video is actually a part of a series of longer videos on How To Remove, Replace u0026 Install rear gas shock absorber on a 2006-2011 8th generation Honda Civic (see the links below).nnThis is just to demonstrate the comparison between a brand new aftermarket shock vs an original genuine OEM part but already has over 200,000 miles on it. This is why car manufacturers recommend replacing shock absorber u0026 front suspension (strut, spring, coil or assembly every 75,000 miles).nnHonda recommends using genuine OEM parts, but we decided to go with KYB Excel-G premium aftermarket performance shock, based on the reviews weve read online. Genuine Honda Shock should be around $125 or so each, but KYB Excel-G (not the regular KYB) could be as cheap as $35 a piece depending on where you buy it from, for example amazon, ebay, or other online seller. Obviously, your local auto part stores such as AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, OReilly, Pep Boys etc also carry many different aftermarket products.nnKYB Excel-G shocks do more than bring back the OEM quality ride. Since theyre crafted with the highest standards around, each Excel-G shock meets or exceeds OEM build quality. Even better, KYB backs your Excel-G Shocks u0026 Struts with a Lifetime Warranty.nnGenuine OEM Honda Part #: 52610 SNA 02 nKYB Excel-G Aftermarket Part #: 343460 | Cheapest Price u0026 Where To Buy From:
Genuine Honda Shock Mount Flange Bolt (12×65) 90181-SNA-000 search on eBay or buy directly from dealership.nn1) Front LH Driver Side Strut Assembly Removal:
n2) Front LH Driver Side Strut Assembly Installation:
Front RH Passenger Strut Assembly Side Removal:
Front RH Passenger Strut Assembly Side Installation:
Genuine OEM vs Aftermarket, Online vs Local AutoParts:
Rear LH Driver Side Shock Absorber Removal:
Rear LH Driver Side Shock Absorber Installation:
Rear RH Passenger Side Shock Absorber Removal:
Rear RH Passenger Side Shock Absorber Installation:
KYB Excel-G vs a 200K Genuine OEM Shock:
vehicle will have either a shock or a strut at each wheel, never both. … The major difference between shocks and struts is that a strut is a structural part of the vehicles suspension system where a shock is not. A strut is also crucial part of the vehicles steering system and greatly affects alignment angles. Most cars made after 1995 have shock absorbers in the rear and strut assemblies in the front suspension.nnWhat are shocks? Shock absorbers, are a key component of the suspension system. They control the impact and rebound movement of your vehicle’s springs and suspension, they ensure that the vehicle’s tires remain in contact with the road surface at all times.nnThe key components of the shock absorber are a piston, a coil, and hydraulic fluid. When the car wheel dips down, for example into a pothole or crevice, the shock initiates a compression cycle, and a piston exerts pressure on hydraulic fluid in the upper chamber of the device. The fluid serves to slow down the coil as it relaxes back into place, and this helps prevent an excessively bumpy feel to the ride.nnWhat are struts? Struts are the structural part of the suspension system and they are used on the front end of nearly every front-wheel –drive vehicle. A strut integrates numerous different suspension parts into one compact assembly. The latter include:nnThe Coil SpringnThe Spring SeatsnThe Shock AbsorbersnThe Strut BearingnThe Steering KnucklenThe shock absorber portion of the strut is the most commonly serviced part of the strut assembly.nnWhen to replace them?nnVisual signs such as :nNoticeable fluid leaknShocks and/or struts look dented or damagednTires show unusual wear patternsnVehicle handling:nIf you experience a bumpy or shaky ride, have poor steering response, stiffness or noise when steering or instability when braking.nnMileage:nAt 50k miles, they may be worn to the point of needing replacing (depending on vehicle and driving conditions).nIn addition, worn shocks and/or struts can accelerate the wear of your tires and suspension parts … the ball joints, steering linkage, springs and C.V. joints.nnThanks for watching, please check our other DIY auto repair tutorial u0026 guide videos on EyeOnAimans channel. Obviously, Aimans auto repair videos are mostly designed for entertainment purposes. If youre looking for instructions or steps on how to fix or diagnose problems with your car, SUV, minivan or vehicle repair, you should always watch more than just 1 videos. The videos should always be used only as a guide.nnRecording Date: September 7, 2019nVideo URL:
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